The Basics: Exfoliation

Anything and everything you ever wanted to know about exfoliation: RIGHT HERE! Get the official, professional explanation on exfoliation and how they benefit you and can help get rid of some of your most common skin annoyances like uneven skin clarity, dull skin, black heads and how it may even help your products be more powerful.   

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Once Upon a Time...

My very first blog post making, Wicked Queen, a  real website and business venture! This has been one big step forward for me. Investing in the equipment was one thing but finally having an official website to direct all of you to, is an incredible feeling. I really hope to see Wicked Queen grow into its own label one day and seeing this website come to life makes that dream and label seem and feel so palpable. My next goal is to just watch this blog grow and hopefully make an impact and give people my professional, unbiased opinion when it comes to choosing skin care procedures/treatments or beauty products.

I know that sometimes when you go into a salon or spa, people have the idea already planted that a stylist or esthetician is going to try and "sell" you something. This is a topic I would further like to talk about in another post but for now, I am hoping that maybe listening to someone else who is trained in the same field can ease some of your skepticism about professional products and understanding WHY they are priced differently and WHAT to look for..or if nothing else,  a product review on a product that you've been on the fence about. 

I plan on doing fun skin treatments that are regularly done in the spa as well as doing before and afters. I'm currently in the middle of NOT EXFOLIATING FOR 2 WEEKS, possibly 4...if i'm feeling brave. I'm working on getting my camera files to cooperate with my Macbook Air (HELP!) SO I can put the video together and share it on my youtube..but until then, I will be updating here.

If you read this're amazing! I ramble and ramble.  Which is why I made a blog, to write out longer explanations. Skin gets wordy sometimes. 

Also want to give a quick shout out to Lacy and Cody for allowing my little corner of the WorldWideWeb to be shared on their website!